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Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree?

Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree? The first half of 2017 has seen a dramatic decline in commercial real estate investments by Chinese firms. The change is largely due to actions taken by Chinese government authorities to discourage such investments.

What to learn before you buy commercial real estate property

The benefits of owning a commercial real estate property are many. First, you're dealing with companies and businesses rather than individuals. Therefore, your relationship with them will be conducted in a more professional manner. Second, commercial real estate properties often generate higher rent incomes than residential properties.

What to consider before signing a commercial lease agreement

Starting a business can be a very exciting time in a person’s life. In many cases, an individual or business partners work diligently to put together a detailed business plan and to secure financing. Once the basics are established, the owners may face one of the biggest transactions to date: securing real estate for their business.

New residential and commercial development approved for Denver

D.H. Friedman Properties has announced that they are moving forward in developing a highly-anticipated transit-style development in the Stapleton neighborhood in Denver. According to building plans filed with the city, the 35 acre, 120 unit condominium project is supposed to be one of the first ventures of the type in various years in the city.


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