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Real estate shock: When your property has an undisclosed defect

When you buy a home, it's a long process. You want to make sure you get the house inspected and that you have a substantial contract that protects you in case defects appear after the sale. On the whole, it's the seller's responsibility to disclose any significant defects with the property.

What is subrogation?

Subrogation is a term that may apply to real estate leases. It can also relate to insurance policies, mortgages and other kinds of real estate agreements. You may encounter this term in real estate contracts and leasing arrangements as a "waiver to the right of subrogation." Or, you might find it in legal language that says a party "subrogates to the claims of another."

Buying a ski home? Here are some important tips

What if you didn't have to pack a bag to go on a weekend ski trip anymore? What if you just hopped on a plane, landed in Vail, Colorado, and took a taxi to your own ski-in-ski-out cottage, where you have your skis, gear, ski clothes and a massive supply of hot chocolate warmly waiting for your arrival?

Metro Denver residential properties are increasing in value

Home prices in the metro Denver area have been increasing in value. According to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors (DMAR), the month of October proved profitable for residential properties in Denver, both for condos and single-family detached homes. The average price for these was $380,000 in October.

5 kinds of commercial real estate properties

Denver area real estate investors who hope to purchase commercial real estate may want to look at the different options available to them. In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of commercial real estate that you might want to invest in depending on your interests, experience and what's available for purchase in the area you're focusing on.

What to include in condo association bylaws

If you own a condo, chances are that you are also a member of the association governing its use. With new condos popping up in the Denver area, prospective buyers may be interested in learning more about how associations come together and write the rules. Balancing the need to maintain property values while giving owners sovereignty within their homes is tricky, but it all starts with a well-written set of guidelines for both ownership and governance.

New law promotes growth of Colorado condo market

Over the past decade, Denver’s condominium construction has been very limited. The percentage of new condos has fallen well below that of most major US cities. A new Colorado bill passed this spring looks to jump-start the Colorado condo community, and spark construction of mid-priced condominiums. Over the past few years, new condos construction was primarily limited to higher-end properties. This law may open up the possibility of condominium ownership to a new group of more price-conscious buyers.


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