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Denver hotels in high demand for real estate investors

Real estate experts believe the interest in Denver hotels will not be slowing down in 2019. According to a recent article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Denver hotel rooms are being built at a "rate that succeeds the national average."

Present business environment invites focus on interest rates

Real estate-minded Colorado entrepreneurs, company owners and investors know that the current business environment is active and churning with possibilities. Regular readers of our blog at O'Brien Legal Services LLC in Denver certainly know that, given several of our entries that have recently underscored the Colorado commercial market's dynamism (please see our September 7 post, for example).

Does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act change investing strategies?

With new tax laws emerging, more people are asking if real estate investing should also change. Investment strategies often consider tax laws, and with changing tax laws, it can be hard to know what exactly you need to do to keep your investments safe.

Will homes near public transportation decline in value in Denver?

Have you ever noticed that homes close to the Denver Light Rail system are more expensive than other residences? Being close to a public transportation point is valuable due to the convenience and money-saving aspects of having easy access to public transport. It just makes going to work at the Denver Tech Center and heading to the Denver International Airport that much easier. This is why homes found along any light rail corridor in Denver have historically been more expensive.

Understand the law before investing in an Airbnb property

Everybody is talking about Airbnb. Whether you're a vacationer or a homeowner, you may have considered how you can benefit from this interesting service in which homeowners make money by opening up the doors of their homes to become mini-hotels for random travelers.


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