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Metro Denver saw incredible real estate growth in 2017

In 2017, Denver had a record year for new commercial real estate construction. Real estate developers have added more than 5 million square feet to Denver's portfolio of commercial real estate space in the industrial sector alone. The last time the industrial real estate sector grew that much in one year was 2001.

What's an asset-based loan?

Imagine you want to buy a bigger factory to build your widgets in. You don't have enough money to buy the factory, but you have an order to produce 1,000,000 widgets, and your accounts receivable data reflects the future income that will come from the sale of those widgets. With this information, you might be able to get a lender to secure an "asset-based loan."

4 tips for your commercial real estate investment

If you've never made a commercial real estate investment before, you probably know that these investments can be lucrative -- and they can also bankrupt you. As such, you'll be eager to know some tips for successfully finding and buying the right property.

Comemercial real estate opportunities are booming in Denver

There's a lot of new office space available in Denver, and much of it is already pre-leased. According to a recent report, investors and business owners are hungrier than ever for new office space in the city.

Factors to consider when negotiating a rental lease

If you're a business owner looking to rent a space to conduct business, you may need to negotiate the amount you will pay to lease the property. When negotiating the terms of a commercial lease, it will help you to have an understanding of the market and general prices in the area where you want to rent. This article will talk about several factors you may want to keep in mind when negotiating your commercial leasing arrangements.

Google buys $131 million property in Boulder

Google recently paid an estimated $131 million to acquire property that will become its new Boulder campus. The technology giant purchased the property from Forum Real Estate Group. Google says that the purchase demonstrates its commitment to the city of Boulder. According to the company's lead representative in Boulder, Google values the talent base in Boulder, the community and the quality of life.

Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree?

Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree? The first half of 2017 has seen a dramatic decline in commercial real estate investments by Chinese firms. The change is largely due to actions taken by Chinese government authorities to discourage such investments.

What to learn before you buy commercial real estate property

The benefits of owning a commercial real estate property are many. First, you're dealing with companies and businesses rather than individuals. Therefore, your relationship with them will be conducted in a more professional manner. Second, commercial real estate properties often generate higher rent incomes than residential properties.

What to consider before signing a commercial lease agreement

Starting a business can be a very exciting time in a person’s life. In many cases, an individual or business partners work diligently to put together a detailed business plan and to secure financing. Once the basics are established, the owners may face one of the biggest transactions to date: securing real estate for their business.


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