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Who gets the earnest money when a party backs out of a contract?

A mansion located next to the main chairlift at the Aspen ski resort is the center of a million-dollar real estate dispute involving earnest money. The Aspen Daily News recently reported that the buyer of a $17.5 million ski home backed out more than two months after the contingency period had passed.

What issues can arise with a Colorado residential closing?

Colorado is often spotlighted as a state of exceptional beauty and multiple attractions, making it an obvious lure for purchasers of high-end residential properties. Many such buyers are state residents, of course, but legions of would-be out-of-state and international buyers are also on the constant lookout for vacation homes and compelling investment opportunities.

Dealing with defects in real estate transactions

Real estate transactions can be tricky, and there's always a potential to find out that the home you purchased was not what you expected. Today, people can avoid trouble from purchases by opting for agreements in which they have an opportunity to have an inspection and then to accept the state of the home, to reject it or to seek repairs.


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