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Is Denver turning into a more buyer-friendly market?

Denver remains one of the fastest growing cities, ranking fifth in a 2018 WalletHub survey. With more people looking to reside in the Mile-High City, sellers have enjoyed the advantage in the local real estate market. However, certain factors are resulting in Denver turning the corner towards a more buyer-friendly market.

Are digital funds the future of real estate purchases?

Now in its tenth year of existence, cryptocurrency presents an alternative to cash, checks and credit cards. Existing in the digital world, it relies on strong cryptography to ensure secure financial transactions. Bitcoin led the way and today there are more than 4,000 variants of cryptocurrency.

Denver housing market ranked third in the United States

Colorado is known for its world-class skiing, picturesque scenery, hiking, rafting and other unique experiences that set it apart from the rest of the country. Recently, one of its most well-known cities, Denver, became recognized for another reason: the third "hottest housing market" in the United States.

Who gets the earnest money when a party backs out of a contract?

A mansion located next to the main chairlift at the Aspen ski resort is the center of a million-dollar real estate dispute involving earnest money. The Aspen Daily News recently reported that the buyer of a $17.5 million ski home backed out more than two months after the contingency period had passed.


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