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Protect yourself when signing a new construction builder contract

When builders are creating a new-construction residence, they often sign contracts ahead of time with prospective buyers. However, these contracts are not always for the benefit of the buyer. They're usually drafted for the benefit of the builder. You'll therefore want to avoid agreeing to an in-house builder agreement at all cost. Instead, you may want to create your own home purchase contract.

Are you suffering from a toxic mold problem?

Construction managers and construction companies are never perfect. In fact, even those most beautifully-built and expensive luxury Denver homes will have their flaws when we look closely enough. In most cases, those flaws just come with the territory, they're not structurally problematic and only the most detail-oriented person will take note. In other cases, the flaws can represent serious dangers and the threat of health problems to the people who inhabit the homes they affect -- like toxic mold, for example


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