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Corporate and General Business Law Representation in Colorado

Are you the owner or manager of an established or emerging Colorado company whose goal is to purchase or lease more space? Has your tax adviser recommended a change to your property ownership structure? Do you need skilled local representation for a business here that you own from headquarters outside the state?

From startup to success story, from ownership succession to sale or other disposition, O’Brien Legal Services LLC can help you. We are a full-service commercial law firm that can safeguard your corporate interests in Denver and Colorado state-wide.

Our founding attorney, Bradley J. O’Brien, is a business owner in his own right. He can relate to the highs and lows of building a local company, and maintaining smooth daily operations. His more than 10 years of legal experience can be your primary asset when questions arise over corporate governance, contracts with employees and vendors, elements of mergers and acquisitions as expansion plans materialize — and many more.

Other commercial matters our law firm can address include:

  • Entity selection and a wide range of business formation issues
  • Commercial real estate purchase/sale/financing/lease agreements
  • Virtual in-house counsel services for the handling of urgent issues
  • Aggressive advocacy for clients in dispute with partners or competitors, who may need to go to court

For any pressing, urgent legal issue or long-term objective impacting your finances, employees or property, come to O’Brien Legal for an initial consultation. Arrange that important first meeting with one of our experienced business lawyers today by calling 720-370-7388.