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Denver is embracing micro-apartment trend

After facing scarcity and skyrocketing rental costs, Denver area renters are getting a bit of a break. Not only has construction finally caught up to demand in downtown, but real estate developers are now offering some cheaper options for renters. According to The Denver Post, several developers are constructing buildings that feature micro-apartments, or what most people would refer to as studio apartments.

Is onsite parking becoming out of fashion?

Parking is a common topic of conversation. When deciding on a destination to reside, shop, eat or enjoy entertainment, one of the first considerations surrounds easy and accessible parking.

Builders begrudgingly understand the attractiveness of parking. Not only are they forced to provide spots due to zoning and finance demands, they also understand that parking is a strong selling point, particularly in multifamily real estate projects. Yet, parking lots send construction costs skyrocketing, particularly when building multi-level parking facilities. Such costs tempt developers to reduce the ratio of parking spots to housing units so that more higher-rent-generating units can be built.  

Are digital funds the future of real estate purchases?

Now in its tenth year of existence, cryptocurrency presents an alternative to cash, checks and credit cards. Existing in the digital world, it relies on strong cryptography to ensure secure financial transactions. Bitcoin led the way and today there are more than 4,000 variants of cryptocurrency.

Like the real estate market, cryptocurrency has also experienced significant growth and a recent devastating crash. Currently, crypto-investors are enjoying a variety of purchase options as it continues on the comeback trail. From coffee to cars to gift cards, the digital assets can be used to buy a variety of consumer products.

The Allure of Renting In Downtown Denver

Petula Clark is a singer well-known for crooning about people and the allure of downtown. Things will be great. No finer place. Everything's waiting for you.

The clarion call has appealed to Denver residents enjoying the hustle and bustle of neon lights and traffic in the city. Yet, the once fairly exclusive territory of millennials occupying metro-area rental property is now shifting in its demographic. A growing number of well-to-do Baby Boomers are choosing more urban surroundings with movie shows and places to go close by.

Denver's Real Estate Market: Less Bang, Fewer Bucks.

Home sellers throughout metro Denver recently enjoyed a multi-year run of good fortune. Offers to buy their properties were fast and meeting their listing prices. The seller's market was booming.

Last summer shifted that longtime advantage. The boom is bordering on a bust. Sellers now find themselves forced to agree with offers below the original price. Their market is showing signs of significant wear and tear.

Can you beat a cash offer to purchase real estate?

Nothing puts a seller’s mind at ease quite like an offer of cash in hand. These buyers seem to promise a quick closing and seem to have a lower liability than other customers. If you need to purchase property with the help of a mortgage lender, how can you beat their offer? How can you compete?

A New Year. A Slow Start For The Real Estate Market.

The real estate market is not enjoying the happiest of new year’s.

January did not improve the fortunes of home sellers in Denver as buyers failed to reach the number of available properties. Fewer buyers means fewer sales, lengthier listing times, and the potential for significantly reduced gains.

Cannabis real estate might be the new hot market for investors

There is a new trend in the real estate market. According to the Associated Press (AP), cannabis real estate might be the new Gold Rush.

As more states continue to legalize recreational and medical marijuana use, the cannabis industry continues to expand at a rapid rate. According to recent data, the legal marijuana market will be worth nearly $150 billion by the year 2025. As a result, investors across the United States and Canada are seeking out real estate related to the cannabis sector.

Denver hotels in high demand for real estate investors

Real estate experts believe the interest in Denver hotels will not be slowing down in 2019. According to a recent article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Denver hotel rooms are being built at a "rate that succeeds the national average."

The end of 2018 saw some of the largest hotel transactions in Denver all year. In the last few weeks of the year, a downtown Denver hotel was purchased for over $90 million. Additionally, the last two months of the year saw five hotels acquired between $10 and $25 million with an average key price of a hotel room between $110,000 and $165,000.

Denver housing market ranked third in the United States

Colorado is known for its world-class skiing, picturesque scenery, hiking, rafting and other unique experiences that set it apart from the rest of the country. Recently, one of its most well-known cities, Denver, became recognized for another reason: the third "hottest housing market" in the United States.

Zillow, a prominent online real estate database, recently reported its rankings for the top 10 hottest housing markets in the United States this year. Denver received the number three spot behind San Jose, California, and Orlando, Florida.


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