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A title review's importance for a property buyer

Many prospective buyers of Colorado residential or commercial property might underestimate the importance of thoroughly vetting title-linked issues prior to a closing, being understandably focused on many additional matters.

After all, there is a lot to think about concerning any real estate purchase. Some buyers simply assume that a transfer of title is a routine final act of a transaction where all material matters have already been addressed and dealt with.

Denver realty report notable for sellers, buyers and investors

Can a local residential real estate market be advantageous for both sellers and buyers at the same time?

It can be, indeed, according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors. That group's recently released report on Colorado real estate indicates that residential transactions in the Denver housing market currently favor sellers and purchasers, respectively.

Denver’s commercial real estate market should continue growth

Business continues to be good for those who own commercial real estate in Denver. The city was ranked the eighth hottest commercial real estate market in the country in 2017, after first breaking the top ten the prior year.

According to the Colorado Real Estate Journal, real estate investors spent almost $13 billion on commercial real estate in 2016, which was an over 20 percent increase from the prior year. The spike in growth has some experts questioning its sustainability, particularly amid reports that Denver’s residential real estate market is overvalued.

Key importance of legal due diligence in real estate transactions

It is commonly noted that buying real estate - whether a principal residence, rental housing or commercial property - is the largest single expense ever for most people.

That is hardly lost upon careful buyers, who take due precautions during the purchase process to get things right and minimize the potential for post-transaction snags.

The role played by earnest money in a Colorado home purchase

Many sellers and purchasers of Colorado properties are likely well acquainted with earnest money and its purpose in a residential real estate transaction.

That is not universally true, though. In fact, the concept might reasonably be foreign to some, with the function of earnest money and the role it plays in the property-buying sphere not being clear.

What issues can arise with a Colorado residential closing?

Colorado is often spotlighted as a state of exceptional beauty and multiple attractions, making it an obvious lure for purchasers of high-end residential properties. Many such buyers are state residents, of course, but legions of would-be out-of-state and international buyers are also on the constant lookout for vacation homes and compelling investment opportunities.

One in-depth overview discussing residential purchases notes the happy moment when, as a prospective purchaser, "You've signed a purchase agreement, put down your earnest money, and now you're ready to finally relax."

A continuing look at easements in Colorado property transactions

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that easements "are prevalent in real estate transactions in Colorado and nationally" and can be materially important to contracting parties.

We discussed some of the basic features and considerations relevant to easements in our July 28 blog entry. We invite both our local readers and those more widely dispersed across the country to visit that post for fundamental background information on this singular right held by a nonpossessor of property in land owned by a third party.

What exactly is a property easement?

Let's talk about easements.

Easements seem to come up more and more frequently, but especially so after an easement-related dispute arises.

We have referenced the term in select prior posts of our Denver real estate law firm. We noted in a June 8 entry at O'Brien Legal Services, LLC, for example, that "not all property titles are free and clear," owing to existing easements. Realty owners sometimes find that out only belatedly. The implications can be material. 

Real estate experts spotlight Denver as attractive high-tech hub

Denver has just made a list showing the Mile-High City's attraction as a high-tech commercial center.

The list is authored by the global real estate investment firm CBRE Group, which looks at several factors why national tech companies would expand their businesses in a select area. 

Colorado commercial lease challenges and opportunities

There are leases, and then there are ... leases.

We referenced the comparative variety of such contracts in our immediately preceding blog post, noting in our July 12 entry that residential and commercial leases are far more different than they are similar.


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