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Is iBuying the Future of Real Estate Transactions?

The moment a consumer puts their house on the market, they want it sold. The process is complex and arduous. Sprucing up the home with repairs, repainting and even remodeling is time-consuming and expensive. As much as a homeowner wants to move, the uphill climb they face has many deciding to stay where they are.

Instant offer programs, also known as iBuying, are in response to those inconveniences involved in selling a home. The attractiveness of a quick turnaround is helping this fairly new trend to become commonplace in the residential real estate market. Companies such as OpenDoor, Offerpad, and Zillow are spreading the "buy now" mantra, offering homeowners an "express aisle" to unload their home expediently.

The Numerous Benefits of Multi-Use Development

Denver’s population continues to grow while land coveted by real estate developers is at a premium. While they benefit from an influx of residents, increasing property taxes are forcing them to get the most out of every dollar they spend.

Innovative and Environmentally Friendly

The Significant Draw to Denver

In the parlance of social media times, Denver is trending as a destination to put down roots. Popularity with millennials has made the Mile-High City a fashionable place to reside.

Denver enjoys an excellent reputation with many tangible and intangible benefits. The altitude requires time to adjust. However, it does not take anything away from the lifestyle residents enjoy. Amenities include an unemployment rate of 3.3 percent as of the end of 2018 and increases in annual wages. State taxes are at a flat rate, while property taxes are considered reasonable.

Home Ownership in Denver: Risks vs. Rewards

A city booming with employment prospects and rising real estate values should be something a city should celebrate, and others should envy. For Denver residents, specifically soon-to-be or existing homeowners, the rewards of this significant growth may be overshadowed by the risks.

Real estate experts use terms like “remarkable” to describe Denver’s transformation from a city with affordable homes to one with high-priced dwellings. Rising home values is usually good news. However, many houses are priced to unaffordable levels for many residents of the Mile-High City.

Amazon's Foray Into Real Estate

Fresh off another successful Prime Days push in July, Amazon is clearly not intent on resting on its near-monopolistic laurels. The dominant online shopping company is looking to branch out into rare unchartered consumer waters and add yet another category to its long list of retail offerings.

Real estate.

How will Senate Bill 181 impact Denver's real estate market?

Senate Bill 181 was designed to increase regulations of gas and oil drilling operations in Colorado but may impact the real estate market as well. Downtown Denver houses many gas and oil companies. If these companies move or go out of business, the Denver real estate market could face repercussions.

Gas and oil companies will no longer desire Denver real estate

What Is Old in Denver Can Be New Again

Eighties nostalgia seems to be a never-ending craze. From "Stranger Things" representing the decade with references to Ghostbusters and New Coke, what was old is new again.

"Plaza bonus" developments came of age in the early eighties. Born in Chicago and New York, Denver eventually embraced the mixed-use "tower-in-a-park." Building out usable, street-level public space that served as a place to socialize pre-smartphones provided incentives that go beyond limits to government-mandated zoning that dictate building height and square footage.


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