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Brick and Mortar on the Comeback Trail

Few innovations have had more of an impact on physical retail centers than the rise of e-commerce. From strip malls to mega shopping complexes, convenience of one-stop shopping in a single building once represented endless convenience.

Fast forward to today. “Endless convenience” has a new definition, particularly for Colorado retailers.

Construction Going Green

For real estate investors, it’s never been easier “being green.”

Environmentalist groups have turned their attention towards the construction industry due to their purported role in climate change. Their current pursuit is backed by the United Nations Environment Program’s claims of buildings and associated construction accounting for 40 percent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.

Investing in a vacation property? Remember seasonality.

Many people consider purchasing a home or property in their favorite vacation spot. They dream of having a getaway for their family to use for generations.

However, owning a vacation property in addition to your full-time home can have a significant effect on your finances. That is why many people make the investment and rent out their vacation homes when they are not using it to earn extra income.

Denver Remains a Desired Destination

Few areas of the country have seen more expansion in population than Denver. Over the past ten years, the population of Denver has grown by more than 20 percent. A new decade sees new residents continuing to stream in with many attracted by the growing number of employers setting up shop.

The Trend Towards Renting

An Airtight Approach to Energy Efficiency

Soon, blower doors testing will be coming to a Mile High City building near you. All new construction and major renovations in Colorado will undergo these examinations to ensure that the structures are energy efficient and airtight.

Uncovering a Lack of Efficiency

The Landlord's Guide to Emotional Service Animals

If you're a landlord, there's a good chance that you're going to encounter the issue of service animals at some point in your career. Service animals and emotional support animals are important to many people throughout the United States. You probably already know that as a landlord, you have laws to follow concerning service animals. However, it's important to know exactly what the rules are. We spoke to Denver personal injury attorney Kyle Bachus of Bachus & Schanker, about what you need to know about Colorado's laws regarding emotional service animals.

The Ever-Changing Colorado Real Estate Landscape

U-Haul is synonymous with “Kleenex” and “Jello.” When people think of renting a moving truck, they naturally think of “U-Hauls,” even if they choose a different company.

While continuing to dominate its industry, the well-known transportation rental provider for homeowners on the move has seen better days, particularly in the state of Colorado.

Is Slowing Real Estate Growth a Trend or an Anomaly?

When this past year came to a close, Denver once again showed its continued strength in the real estate market. Yet, the growth was significantly smaller. Even with a strong December that revealed solid numbers, the increases were significantly smaller than in years past.

Sales volume for the previous year continued the increases. Specific data that fueled that continuing trend includes:

Five specific aspects of commercial real estate transactions

Colorado attracts all types of entrepreneurs and large corporations due to it’s growing economy and population of younger Americans. However, it’s challenging to secure the perfect property when you are dealing with other competitors in the area.

Luckily, knowing the specifics of a commercial real estate transaction helps you find the perfect property for your needs while keeping your costs low.

What to know about rent increases in Colorado

There is a common theme in the media surrounding millennials and their spending habits. According to news outlets, millennials are either too afraid to spend money or never have money at all. They’ve killed so many industries such as Applebee’s, diamonds and starter homes.

Whether or not you agree with the theme, there is a pattern among millennials where more adults are renting for longer to buy a more expensive home in the future. It seems like a reasonable thought, but what happens as rent slowly increases?


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