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Will the Trump administration overturn federal lending programs

Federal lending programs have long had an impact on the real estate industry, and a recent announcement from the White House indicates that those lending programs may be overturned. 

According to Reuters, the Trump Administration is planning to partner with Congress to create a framework to overhaul the way that federal lending programs work. The article states that:

Promising signs for Vail's real estate market

While the Vail luxury and second-home markets have had their ups and downs over the past twelve months, a slow start to 2019 is giving way to significant sales momentum, according to a report from LIV Sotheby's International Realty.

Actual sales of homes in the area have remained steady over the years. However, 2019 started slow, with March numbers at their lowest since 2016 in dollar volume and 2015 in the number of houses sold. Brokers found it difficult to identify the factors creating the downturn. Some were pointing to a lack of available inventory that created a more competitive market that drove up sales.

Is Denver turning into a more buyer-friendly market?

Denver remains one of the fastest growing cities, ranking fifth in a 2018 WalletHub survey. With more people looking to reside in the Mile-High City, sellers have enjoyed the advantage in the local real estate market. However, certain factors are resulting in Denver turning the corner towards a more buyer-friendly market.

With the unofficial launch of the homebuying season in April, the frenetic pace sellers enjoyed is starting to slow. Denver's real estate market now features a larger available inventory where homes are more affordable. Data from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors reveals that the city now has the most listings in five years, increasing by 36 percent (1,900 homes) over the same time in 2018.

The real estate industry meets artificial intelligence

Amy is a real estate agent. Those who know Amy consider her to be smart, reliable, friendly, and very good at her job. To say that she is without peer in her industry would be an understatement.

Amy is a robot created and launched by themove.com and its parent company, Real Word Tech Ltd.

Colorado's smart cities are labs for both tech and real estate

Are smart cities the way of the future? Tech companies think they may be and have already started pumping millions of dollars into developing them.

Two of these smart cities have already taken shape outside of Denver. As The Denver Post recently reported, Sterling Ranch and Peña Station Next are serving as labs for the ways smart technologies may help communities prepare for the future. They'll also give business owners a better idea of the real value of doing business in these communities that aspire to be "future proof."

The status of slot homes one year after a city-wide ban

When it comes to slot homes in Denver, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine recently posited some predictions for the coming year in Denver's burgeoning real estate market. One prognostication, in particular, brought up the now one-year-old ban on slot homes and how developers are shifting more towards beauty and less on boxy for these multifamily dwellings.

Is LIVE Denver on life support?

The "LIVE" in LIVE Denver is an acronym for the Lower Income Voucher Equity program funded by the city, foundations, and employers. Introduced in 2017 and garnering coverage throughout the country, the initiative still receives continuing promotion by Denver leaders at housing conferences throughout the country.

Has LIVE Denver lived up to the past and present hype?

Is residential rental property a home or an investment?

That burning question is being asked by legislators looking for a solution for low-income renters and landlords wanting to stay in business.

Two words exist in the English language that rental property owners, both large and small, never want to hear:

Denver Is Attracting International Interest

From Broncos to beer, Denver is an attractive option for prospective residents seeking to relocate to the Mile-High City. Once considered one of the best-kept secrets because of the aforementioned benefits, not to mention numerous outdoor options, Colorado’s capital city is a popular destination to not only visit, but also live.

In fact, Denver’s significant growth goes beyond U.S. citizens living in other states and looking to pull up stakes. Residents of other countries are taking notice.

An opportunity for Denver real estate investors

The banner headlines and breaking news surrounding the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act focused on reducing the tax burdens for individuals and businesses. What the media coverage minimized was the lesser known section that created new and perhaps unlimited opportunities for Denver real estate investors.

Opportunity Zones (OZ) provide federal tax incentives for investors looking to put money into low-income urban and rural communities. By promoting much needed economic development in distressed areas, federal capital gains taxes can be deferred, reduced or outright eliminated.


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