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Picking the right commercial real estate agent

Congratulations, you’ve decided to move your business from your home office to a larger space. This type of growth is a significant milestone and one that is worthy of celebration.

However, one thing that can put a damper on your achievement is signing a lease for the wrong commercial space. Hiring a commercial real estate agent is a great way to avoid this if you choose the correct person.

Four necessary traits for commercial real estate investors

Investments may involve high risks for huge payoffs, especially in Colorado’s real estate market. It takes a certain type of person to be smart enough to predict trends in the real estate market while also taking risks to invest large sums of money on different properties.

However, most of the most successful real estate investors share specific qualities that help them become successful, make money and grow their reputation as real estate entrepreneurs.

What to know before purchasing a vacation home

Colorado is one of the best places to vacation in the United States, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Between the beautiful trails that wind through Colorado Springs and the slick slopes of the mountains near Aspen, there are so many wonderful activities for tourists.

Oftentimes, tourists decide to make Colorado their second home through a vacation property.  However, you need to consider a few aspects before closing on any property – particularly for vacation homes.

Factors to consider when buying commercial real estate

Lots of planning and preparations predate the decision to purchase a commercial real estate property. As a future property owner, you must consider all possibilities as the choices you make before purchasing, and soon after, will have the most impact on your ownership moving forward.

The first thing to keep in mind is whether you’re purchasing a building to run your own business, lease, rent or to flip it and sell it back. After you've made this decision, you and your lawyer will know which contracts to consider.

The Net Zero Energy Objective

Sustainability surrounding the building of a home used to focus on the structure and durability of the dwelling. With growing awareness of the possible environmental crises, the term now also relates to constructing houses and buildings to minimize the effects of climate change.

The goal of sustainability is a relatively new concept called "net-zero energy." Essentially, NZE encompasses a building that contains renewable energy that offsets the energy used in the building. Findings are determined on an annual basis.

Homeowner vs HOA: An Imbalance of Power

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are entities that establish and enforce rules and guidelines while collecting periodic fees to cover the costs of upkeep for common areas and facilities. The boards of directors serve as governing bodies for subdivisions, planned communities, and condominiums.

While HOAs serve a purpose, many property owners file countless complaints involving overreach, if not abuse of power. Since 2011, the Colorado Division of Real Estate (DORA) has received thousands of complaints of violations of the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA), which governs HOAs.

Basic tenant rights to understand

It’s over 90 degrees outside and your air conditioning decided it was time to retire a couple days ago. You’ve emailed, called or texted your landlord numerous times with no response or action. Sure, you can always find ways to fight the heat, but you should be able to rely on the air conditioning you pay for. 

So, do you have the right to be upset? Yes. You do.

Real Estate Bidding Wars Running Hot and Cold

One of the most stressful parts of purchasing a new house is competing with other prospective buyers. Many home buyers deliberately avoid the buying season that begins in March, waiting for the cooler fall weather of September to embark on a search. Lower temperatures can mean less competition among buyers, a trend that has been consistent from 2013 to 2018.

That five-year tradition may be coming to an end. Current cooling is not reflecting a residential real estate market that instead may be speeding up during what is traditionally a slow spell.

Denver’s Booming Economy Fueled by Business Real Estate


Few cities have benefitted more from the current booming economy than Denver. In fact, Colorado’s capital city has earned the designation as the “best economy in the nation” for 2018.

Denver's Booming Economy Fueled by Business Real Estate

Few cities have benefitted more from the current booming economy than Denver. In fact, Colorado's capital city earned the designation as the "best economy in the nation" for 2018.

Fueling the Mile-High City's success is business real estate. When the recession ended, the city's office market blossomed, reaching unprecedented levels with eight consecutive quarters of positive net absorption.


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