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April 2018 Archives

So far so good for Spring home-selling season in Denver

Every Spring, Denver experiences a boom in home sales, and this year is no different. Single-family homes increased in value tremendously last month as buyers and sellers raced to make deals. In February, average home prices were in excess of $500,000, and they continued with a substantial increase of 3.8 percent the following month, up to $522,227. In fact, single-family real estate has increased by 11.7 percent since New Year's Day.

Understand the law before investing in an Airbnb property

Everybody is talking about Airbnb. Whether you're a vacationer or a homeowner, you may have considered how you can benefit from this interesting service in which homeowners make money by opening up the doors of their homes to become mini-hotels for random travelers.

Did you purchase a home or building with a construction defect?

Real estate purchasers in Colorado -- whether they are associated with a business or buying for personal uses -- must take care to ensure that the buildings or homes they buy are free of construction defects. This is especially the case with new construction, as that's when the most significant construction defects could still remain undetected.


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