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August 2017 Archives

What are some alternatives to home foreclosure?

If it looks like your home will be foreclosed by your lender in Colorado, you may still have some options that you could employ as an alternative to the foreclosure process. This article will take a look at three potential foreclosure alternatives, which you can discuss with your lender to determine if you qualify.

Minimizing real estate liability with full disclosure

When you're selling a piece of real estate property, you will be exposing yourself to a certain amount of legal risk. Most lawsuits relating to real estate, however, stem from the seller's failure to disclose specific facts and information relating to the property. As such, any party who plans to sell a property should take steps to ensure that he or she has fully disclosed all relevant facts and information to prevent a lawsuit later on down the road.

What to include in condo association bylaws

If you own a condo, chances are that you are also a member of the association governing its use. With new condos popping up in the Denver area, prospective buyers may be interested in learning more about how associations come together and write the rules. Balancing the need to maintain property values while giving owners sovereignty within their homes is tricky, but it all starts with a well-written set of guidelines for both ownership and governance.

What's better: A ski condo or a ski house?

If owning a ski home is your dream, you're probably considering which options could be most appropriate for you and your family's needs. One question you'll need to debate is whether a ski condo or a ski house will be best. This article will discuss the potential benefits of both these options.

Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree?

Are Chinese conglomerates halting their real estate buying spree? The first half of 2017 has seen a dramatic decline in commercial real estate investments by Chinese firms. The change is largely due to actions taken by Chinese government authorities to discourage such investments.

What to learn before you buy commercial real estate property

The benefits of owning a commercial real estate property are many. First, you're dealing with companies and businesses rather than individuals. Therefore, your relationship with them will be conducted in a more professional manner. Second, commercial real estate properties often generate higher rent incomes than residential properties.

New law promotes growth of Colorado condo market

Over the past decade, Denver’s condominium construction has been very limited. The percentage of new condos has fallen well below that of most major US cities. A new Colorado bill passed this spring looks to jump-start the Colorado condo community, and spark construction of mid-priced condominiums. Over the past few years, new condos construction was primarily limited to higher-end properties. This law may open up the possibility of condominium ownership to a new group of more price-conscious buyers.


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