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What’s better: A ski condo or a ski house?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Real Estate Investment |

If owning a ski home is your dream, you’re probably considering which options could be most appropriate for you and your family’s needs. One question you’ll need to debate is whether a ski condo or a ski house will be best. This article will discuss the potential benefits of both these options.

Ski houses are usually located close to — or actually on — mountains with ski resorts on them. These homes usually have steep roofs, so snow and rain fall off them, rather than collecting and creating the potential for winter roof damage. One potential “con” of owning a ski house is the fact that you’ll need to maintain the residence and take care of all necessary upkeep and repairs. You’ll also need to take care of snow removal and upkeep of the grounds around your home. This will increase the costs related to your home. In exchange, however, you get the privacy, independence and quiet of owning your own separate structure.

As for ski condos, these are a part of a condo association, which requires you to pay dues for external upkeep. You won’t need to cut the grass, maintain a lawn, shovel snow or paint the outside of the condo, but you will need to pay your condo association fees. Your condo will also come with different shared amenities in many cases. Those may include a pool, tennis courts and a clubhouse.

Would you prefer a ski home or a ski condo? A Denver real estate lawyer can help you review your ski home buying options to determine, which may be the best match for you and your family.

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