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October 2018 Archives

Present business environment invites focus on interest rates

Real estate-minded Colorado entrepreneurs, company owners and investors know that the current business environment is active and churning with possibilities. Regular readers of our blog at O'Brien Legal Services LLC in Denver certainly know that, given several of our entries that have recently underscored the Colorado commercial market's dynamism (please see our September 7 post, for example).

Five things to ask before you buy a condo

Buying a condo provides many of the benefits of buying a home and eliminates some of the drawbacks. You own the space, so you have the privacy and financial benefits of owning a home. However, you are not responsible for all the maintenance involved in home ownership. For many people, purchasing a condo makes good sense.

Settling construction disputes: arbitration as courtroom alternative

A bullet-point list of problematic issues that can arise during the course of construction transactions is decidedly lengthy. Construction principals are many and diverse (ranging from buyers and sellers to lenders, contractors, architects and more). Projects typically face time constraints. Contracts are complex and lengthy. And money is understandably a key concern.


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