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Denver residential real estate: traction for both buyers, sellers

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2018 | Real Estate Transactions |

It is commonly the case concerning residential real estate that industry insiders stress market realities as favoring either buyers or sellers.

Not both.

That customary “buyers’ market” versus “sellers’ market” distinction is currently being stood upside down across a vibrant Denver metro, though, with empirical evidence spotlighting local conditions that simultaneously favor both home sellers and purchasers.

That obviously spells a win-win scenario for participants on both sides of many transactions, say local pundits closely involved in the residential sphere. Those commentators uniformly note what we voiced in a prior blog post at O’Brien Legal Services. We stressed in our October 6 entry that the Denver market is robust and marked by “continuing and attractive opportunities for both select buyers and sellers.”

A seemingly perfect storm of factors has contributed to that current reality. A recent report from the national realty group RE/MAX notes, for example, that on-the-market properties were up a full 20% last month as compared with September 2017. That “is crazy,” says one metro realtor. One article focusing on Colorado real estate sends a pointed message to would-be buyers, stating that “now might be the time to strike.”

Yet now might also be the time to sell, notwithstanding positive news for buyers. One commentator stresses that the influx of available properties has done little to dampen sellers’ hopes. In fact, he states, “homes aren’t selling any slower, and we’re still seeing appreciation.”

There is no question that Colorado’s real estate market – commercial as well as residential – is dynamic and churning. Our proven attorneys at O’Brien Legal Services have helped diverse and valued clients take fullest advantage of opportunities in highly variable markets over the years, and continue to do so in the present environment.

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