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Real estate experts spotlight Denver as attractive high-tech hub

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Real Estate Investment |

Denver has just made a list showing the Mile-High City’s attraction as a high-tech commercial center.

The list is authored by the global real estate investment firm CBRE Group, which looks at several factors why national tech companies would expand their businesses in a select area. 

Denver apparently has the goods, or what a recent USA Today article terms the “tech chops” to lure in profitable companies and secure some major real estate investments to house enterprises and workers. The city prominently invests in tech-linked research and development efforts, and has a comparatively well-educated and skilled workforce. Moreover, it possesses the kind of urban/business culture that can attract, retain and sustain technology start-ups as they spawn and continue to prosper.

That assessment points to a major win for both the metro region and high-tech commercial participants. It spotlights a nurturing and cutting-edge work environment for a well-paid and singular workforce, infrastructure that can support a high-tech community, and reasonable commercial real estate investment opportunities for business players.

Business principals justifiably interested in the Denver area as a prime locale for establishing or expanding commercial operations can benefit from local assistance and expertise. They can turn to a Denver law firm with demonstrated experience in business and commercial real estate transactions for answers and proven on-point advocacy.