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Colorado is innovative ground for adaptive reuse

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Real Estate Investment |

“Effective adaptive reuse is where creativity meets business savvy.”

Let’s put that quote taken from a recent article on Denver commercial real estate development another way:

Some enterprising real estate investors see well-worn and now underutilized infrastructure not as wasted space but, rather, as an attractive opportunity for reincarnation in another direction.

As that above media piece stresses, they turn “blight into bright.”

In fact, that business strategy is something that select entrepreneurs across the country have been profitably doing in recent years in America’s major cities. Instead of seeing simply a scarred landscape of old and now empty buildings, their vision embraces a user-friendly mall, activity center or other use that leverages consumers’ positive sentiments for something already known. What was once a school might conceivably become a sports center. An aging library might be resurrected as a bookstore or a funky new apartment complex.

Adaptive reuse in the commercial realty sphere is something that an increasing number of forward-looking developers and investors are focusing on in urban areas nationally. Smart reconfiguration leverages feeds the public’s appreciation for architectural history and continuity expressed in exciting new ways.

Denver is at the vanguard of what might even be called a movement in the reuse universe. The aforementioned article spotlights the transformation of the Stapleton Airport control tower into a family entertainment center, with that being just one of many reuse examples evident in the metro area.

Reportedly, reuse projects are expected to double their scope nationally over the next few years.

Some proactive and imaginative investors might reasonably want to explore opportunities in the adaptive reuse realm. The proven real estate attorneys at O’Brien Legal Services LLC in Denver can meaningfully assist with the process.