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Are Airbnb rentals becoming a problem for some of your tenants?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

Recently, one of the largest apartment companies in Colorado came out on top in a legal battle with Airbnb over illegal short-term rentals. The company, Aimco, sued Airbnb after residents were upset with short-term renters at a number of the company’s properties.

According to the Denver Business Journal, one of Aimco’s vice presidents stated, “Our residents do not want to live in a de-facto hotel for spring-break partiers, vacationers and other unvetted strangers.” Fortunately, a court agreed with the tenants.

The recent article reported that the residents complained that the short-term renters were responsible for the following:

  • Noise violations and late-night disturbances
  • Causing damage to the apartments
  • Presenting a danger to the residents

Not only are Airbnb hosts subject to the laws in their city, but they must comply with any rental agreement that prohibits short-term rentals. While Colorado does not currently have any specific laws outlawing short-term rentals, property owners can create lease agreements that prohibit short-term rentals at their properties.

Landloards and apartment companies can create lease agreements that include provisions pertaining to sub-leasing, Airbnb rentals and other short-term rental arrangements. If a tenant is in violation of an apartment lease or city law concerning short-term rentals, a property owner might have the right to take legal action.

Colorado is a primary destination for spring-break vacationers and other travelers from around the world. If you believe Airbnb is responsible for unlawful short-term rentals at one of your properties or if you have other questions about a real estate dispute, contact an experienced Colorado real estate attorney to discuss your options.