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Real estate dispute: Breckenridge Brewery

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

After almost 30 years of leasing space, Breckenridge Brewery may be forced to leave the building.

Employees were surprised to find out that the landlord of the commercial real estate building was breaking the lease with Breckenridge Brewery.

The complication

Breckenridge Brewery owners and the property owner are now disputing the terms of the lease. The most frightening part of the dispute, according to employees, is that the brewery has nowhere to go.

One employee reported that prior to receiving the lease termination notice, the brewery and building owner were in the process of making a deal to extend the lease for 5 more years.

The reason for the non-renewal is unknown at this time. The brewery claims that they certainly can afford to renew the lease, yet the landlord backed out of the agreement. Some speculate that the landlord wants to open their own restaurant in the brewery location but that has not been confirmed.

Both the property owner and the brewery owners’ attorneys are preparing for litigation.

What the process may entail

Real estate attorneys review local ordinances, negotiate contracts and help their clients through difficult times. In this case, both the brewery’s attorney and the property owner’s attorney will dig deep into the lease agreement and business operations in order to help their clients win their case.

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