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The Profitable Potential of Storage Facilities

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Real Estate Investment |

Real estate investment is a risky proposition, especially commercial property. Simply put, no guarantee of success exists. However, certain business segments carry more promise for long-term success.

When people think of real estate for business purposes, selling land for business or rental properties comes to mind. However, a particular segment can provide significant profits without a steady flow of patrons.

Self-storage buildings have various advantages, starting with lower expenses than other property types, such as tenant-improvement allowances that are common in office properties. A lower level of capital expenditures can help a business survive during down periods, ensuring much-needed cash flow.

A significant factor in favor of storage facilities is the typical American’s penchant to accumulate possessions, some evan to the point of hoarding. That trend is fueling the ever-growing market. Vast collections that cannot fit in a house can be easily moved to a safe, secure, and climate-controlled space.

From a rental revenue perspective, storage spaces provide consistent monthly payments from multiple customers. Storage facilities are also known for their survivability during difficult financial times plaguing the country. While not wholly “recession-proof,” these enterprises have survived where other types of businesses have failed.

Whether financial times are good or bad, storage facilities can serve a variety of purposes. A healthy economy can result in spaces used to store products for a business to sell or even to set up a temporary office. Economic downturns may not harm the revenue flow as much as it changes the clientele. Homeowners in a downsizing mode need a secure place for their possessions that will not fit into a new and smaller home.

Regardless of the economic conditions, people, particularly the millennial crowd, are on the move more than they have ever been. That transient nature makes a storage space attractive. If they can’t stay in one place, at least their possessions can.

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