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How to choose a location for your business

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Real Estate Transactions |

Colorado is one of the best states to start a company, between its strong economy and its growing appeal to younger residents across the United States. However, most entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to choose the right property in Colorado.

There are some major considerations to evaluate before owners start hunting for that perfect brick-and-mortar store.

What are your main demographics?

Every entrepreneur needs to evaluate their main target audience before they decide the right property for their business. First, start with who your customer is and how much your customer values proximity for shopping. For example, parents may value shopping in reasonable proximity more than a young adult who buys necessities online.

You should also investigate the specific community where your customer lives. What neighborhoods do they visit? Would you rely heavily on foot traffic? How much would the normal customer be willing to spend in certain areas? All these questions lead to the right spot for your business.

Where is your competition?

It’s critical to analyze the current business composition of a specific community before you set up shop. For example, if you notice a thriving retail area in a town, you may want to focus on building a business in that area instead of going to a smaller area with less retail success.

However, most retail-heavy communities may have more competition for small businesses. It’s best to see who your competition in a local spot is. Then, either choose a different location with less competition or find a way to stand out among other local businesses.

What’s your budget for a business property?

One of the most important factors in choosing a property is your budget because most businesses fail when they choose a location that is too expensive for their monthly costs. Luckily, developing a budget early on helps entrepreneurs know what exactly to look for while property hunting.

You also need to consider utilities and other monthly costs associated with a location in the property’s costs. The property may seem like a good deal initially, but you might be paying more long term between electric and water bills.

These are only three factors that owners need to look into before investing in a location for their company. They should also investigate a city’s accessibility, public transportation, seasonal business and the employment field in the area.

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