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What to know about rent increases in Colorado

There is a common theme in the media surrounding millennials and their spending habits. According to news outlets, millennials are either too afraid to spend money or never have money at all. They’ve killed so many industries such as Applebee’s, diamonds and starter homes.

When you might need a quiet title action for a property

Real estate transactions are complex - if you've been a real estate investor for a while, you know that's true. However, you may not have dealt with a property that needs a quiet title action so you can establish true ownership of it. Often, owners seek quiet title actions when they are seeking financing to own the property or if they are trying to sell it and discover it doesn't have a clean title.

Homeowner vs HOA: An Imbalance of Power

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are entities that establish and enforce rules and guidelines while collecting periodic fees to cover the costs of upkeep for common areas and facilities. The boards of directors serve as governing bodies for subdivisions, planned communities, and condominiums.

Are Airbnb rentals becoming a problem for some of your tenants?

Recently, one of the largest apartment companies in Colorado came out on top in a legal battle with Airbnb over illegal short-term rentals. The company, Aimco, sued Airbnb after residents were upset with short-term renters at a number of the company's properties.

Prominent developer under investigation for bidding misconduct

The City of Denver recently announced that it was terminating its contract with the real estate developer it hired to expand the Colorado Convention Center. The expansion is set to cost the city $233 million. However, the city recently discovered the developer engaged in bidding misconduct.

Settling construction disputes: arbitration as courtroom alternative

A bullet-point list of problematic issues that can arise during the course of construction transactions is decidedly lengthy. Construction principals are many and diverse (ranging from buyers and sellers to lenders, contractors, architects and more). Projects typically face time constraints. Contracts are complex and lengthy. And money is understandably a key concern.


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